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Tax Expert, Tax Specialist, Tax Return Preparation, Tax Advice, Tax Planning, Tax Debt Relief Solutions, CRA Letters and Calls, Non Resident Tax , Tax Accountant Downtown Toronto & Financial District. Call 416-628-7824 and press 2 to speak with an advisor.

Toronto Tax Consulting solutions for Tax Problems. For more information please call 416-628-7824 and press 2 to speak with an advisor.

• Having trouble sleeping at night?
• Is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) collections contacting you at home or work?
• Do you feel like your tax liability is controlling your life?
• Are you afraid that your employer may receive letter of garnishment on your income?
• Are you in fear of your bank account being frozen?

Toronto Tax Consulting specializes in solving tax problems. We advise and represent businesses and individuals in all areas of tax . Our accounting and legal professional work together to provide clients with practical and cost-effective tax solutions. Let our staff talk to the CRA agents on your behalf. The following are some tax problems we can assist with:

• Tax Audit
• Tax Arrears Problem
• Unreported Income
• Back Tax
• Demand to File
• Overdue Tax Debts
• CRA Tax Relief
• CRA Interest and Penalty Relief
• Late Tax
• Payroll Tax Arrears
• Unfair Income Garnishment
• Tax Reassessment
• Canadian Tax Relief
• CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Taxpayer Relief
• Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP
• Tax Amnesty or Tax Pardon
• CRA Tax Problems
• GST/HST Audit
• Tax Collection Problems
• Disallowed Business Expense
• Wage Garnishment or Income Garnishments
• Bank Account Freeze, Bank Levy
• House Lien or Property Lien
• Large Tax Liability Owing
• Collection Agent’s Notice

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Extended Hours for Tax Season, please call to schedule.

Please book an appointment for pickup or drop off tax documents or to see an advisor. Please call 416-628-7824 and press 2 or send email to


Office Location
Toronto Tax Consulting is located on the 16th floor at 401 Bay Street (Simpson Tower) which is on the south east corner of Bay St. and Queen St, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

There is direct access to two parking areas - Bay Adelaide Centre and Toronto City Hall Parking.

TTC and Path
There is direct access from Queen Subway Station and the P-A-T-H. You can walk through the PATH from the Sheraton Hotel, Bay Adelaide Centre, The Bay and two parking areas.

From the west, we are also a short walk from Osgoode Subway Station on Queen.

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Mailing Address:
Toronto Tax Consulting
401 Bay Street
Suite 1600
Toronto, ON
M5H 2Y4

Tel: 416-628-7824
Fax: 866-528-1387

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