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We are a full time all year tax accounting practice. Whether it is preparing a tax return, representation on your behalf with CRA, tax crisis assistance in helping you deal with the CRA or employing tax strategies that minimize the amount of tax you pay, we are experienced and knowledgable tax accountants. We deal with a wide variety of tax issues and tax payers.


  • Expect results because we will not be satisfied, if there is not.
  • We are in the profession of tax and we are in business to make a living and not to make god sums of profit from our clients.
  • Our fees are priced out to do the job properly and always give the best price upfront.
  • Quality work takes time, do not expect instant results.
  • It takes multiple clients to run our business not just one, if you have no patience, we are not for you.
  • We never will compromise or put undue hardship on one of our own staff or strategic partners.
  • No one client will receive preferential treatment over another, it is first come first serve.
  • Due to the complexity or unique nature of a clients request, it may take longer to solve the problem but it does not mean your problem is not receiving the attention it deserves.
  • Expect not to pay a penny more in tax but not a penny less as to what is owed.
  • Clients have high expectations of us as a service provider, we have the same expectations of clients, if you do not meet those expectations, you will be politely asked to deal with another service provider.
  • If you are unhappy with our services, please go back up to the first point on this list and read again.

Areas of Knowledge

  • Federal Income Tax Act
  • Provincial Taxation
  • Cross Border (US)
  • International Tax Treaties

Toronto Tax Consulting is managed by Julian Das

B.Comm in Accounting (Specialist Program in Tax)
B.Comm in Finance with emphasis in Investments and Financial Planning
CGA (Pace Level)
CPA & CFP Candidate
H&R Block Tax Preparer Certificate
Liberty Tax Preparation Courses (Personal & Advanced)
Senior Quality Control Tax Certificate

In-depth Tax courses:
Advanced Personal Tax
Advanced Corporate Tax
Tax Research
Investments and Tax
Cross Border Issues (US Tax)
International Tax Treaties
Real Estate & Income Tax
Payroll & Tax
Canada-US Employment Transfers
Taxation of Non-Profits & Charities
R&D Expenses
Death of a Tax Payer
Estate & Retirement Planning
Risk Management & Insurance
Advanced Financial Planning
Risk Management in Investments – Fixed Securities, Equities, Derivatives & Real Estate
Succession Planning (CGA)

Many years of experience as Tax Accountant, Tax Researcher (Compliance, Advisory & Administrative procedure with CRA in a multitude of tax issues).

Provide expertise in curriculum development in Accounting, Finance & Tax

  • Tax Issues for the Book Keeper
  • Basic Personal Tax Preparation
  • Small Business and Tax Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Preparation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax and Payroll
  • What you need to know as a Canadian living in the US
  • Investments and Taxes
  • Tax made easy for Financial Advisors
  • E-commerce and taxes
  • Accounting & Tax in Oil and Gas
  • Accounting & Tax in Agriculture
  • Taxes and the Healthcare Profession
  • Be your own Tax Accountant for the Self Employed