Tax Debt Relief and Solutions. Serving Downtown Toronto, Toronto and GTA.

Are you unable to sleep because of tax enforcement issues with CRA?  Not answering the phone and ignoring the mail will not make your tax problem go away. Is your tax debt affecting your work and family life? Not sure what to do and feel paralyzed? Hiding from the tax man will only make it worse. We can help with:

  • Guidance, strategy and administrative assistance when dealing with CRA.
  • Make sure things get accurately done
  • Issues attended to in timely manner such that it does not disallow or disqualify you from potential relief.
  • Have someone with equal or more knowledge while communicating with auditors or representatives.
  • Assistance in navigating administrative procedures

We offer representation and assistance with the following services. Please call 416-628-7824 for a free consultation.

  • Tax Audit Representation
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Amnesty (VDP – Voluntary Disclosure Program)
  • Interim Payment Plan Negotiation
  • Income Tax Arrears
  • Tax Enforcement
  • Negotiation of reduction/removal of Wage Garnishments
  • Account Seizure/Property Lien
  • Interest and Penalty Relief Submissions

Toronto Tax Consulting Tax Debt Relief Solutions are unique to your situation and financial ability. The right approach can solve your negative tax situation. We have dealt with CRA for numerous years and we can tell you like any organization you have people who are willing to listen and others who don’t care and go by the book. We have found in many cases CRA is willing to work with the taxpayer to help improve the tax liability situation. First offences are much easier to deal with than repeat offenders. The income tax act has many administrative law procedures that can benefit tax payers in this situation but are not published and rarely do CRA agents disclose. It is always best to get professional help if you have tax issues with CRA. Toronto Tax Consulting has the tax debt relief solutions that can help solve your tax debt crisis.