1. How long does it take to prepare my return?”

Return are completed on a first come first serve basis. Also, depends on complexity of return and conditions of information provided.

2. Why are you asking for so much information?”

We need a minimum amount of information that is not available on any tax documents. The client questionnaire enables us to determine your past tax history, if you are a new client and help us determine what tax strategies, deductions and credits you maybe eligible to use.

3. What are the different methods I can use to drop off my tax documents?”

Our preferred method is booking an appointment for drop off. We also take tax documents via courier and dropping off at our front desk. If, you use courier or the front desk, please note that all client questionnaires must be filled out prior to shipping or dropping off.

4. Why do I need to fill out a client questionnaire?

Our client questionnaires have been developed to help collect and organize information that is necessary to fill out your tax return. We have many different types of clients and returns and this helps by making the process easier and faster.

5.When can I drop off my documents?”

For booked appointments, we have drop off hours between 3pm to 5pm daily. For drop off at Front desk, it can be anytime between 10am to 4pm.

6.How to book an appointment for drop off?”

Please call 416-628-7824 and press 2, to talk to one of our advisors to book time for an appointment. An email will be sent once the time and date has been confirmed in our system.

[faq question=”7. What are book keeping charges?”]

Book keeping charges are for getting summaries and final numbers ready that are to be inputed into your tax return. Our rate is $25.00 hourly.


[faq question=”8. When will I be charged book keeping charges?”]

If, you bring in documents that are not ready to be inputed into the tax forms directly, we have to spend a little time to prepare them for input.


[faq question=”9. I can’t find some of my documents needed for tax preparation on your price list?”]

We have listed the most common ones, if you can’t find the one your looking for, please give us a call at 416-628-7824, press 2 to speak to an advisor.


[faq question=”10. How does the tax preparation service work?”]

1. Call and speak with an advisor, if our service is right for you.
2. Our office will send you a client questionnaire and new client form to be filled out.
3. Gather and Organize what documents you need.
4. Book an appointment to drop off documents.
5. Due to increased volumes during tax season your return may take up to 10 business days to complete.
6. When your return is ready, our office will contact you to book an appointment for pickup.