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For More Info:

Please view our 2017 pricing page or call 416-628-7824 and press 2 to speak with an advisor.

We are a full time accounting practice that specializes in tax. Tax legislation is constantly changing and adding a great deal of complexity to tax preparation, tax advice & tax planning.

When you find yourself outside of your comfort zone, these are some examples of why individuals require a need for a professional tax accountant:

  • Are you inheriting a large sum of money or assets?
  • Have your financial affairs become more complex?
  • Do you require tax return preparation services?
  • Are you changing legal form of business ownership (proprietorship to corporation)
  • Are you starting a new business or purchasing a franchise?
  • Do you need to get control on financial planning?
  • Are you a non-resident individual or corporation?
  • Are you purchasing your first rental property?
  • Do you have international tax issues?
  • Are you a US citizen residing in Canada?
  • Are you a Canadian citizen planning on moving to the US?
  • Are you purchasing foreign property or investments?
  • Do you have tax liabilities that you are unable to pay?
  • Are you adding complex investments to a new or existing portfolio?
  • Have a tax problem or question that you can’t find the answer to?

There may not be one particular issue that would lead you to use a professional tax accountant. Maybe the annual job of preparing your tax return has finally become too complex, onerous, & time-consuming. Not sure, which tax laws apply to you or your situation. If, you are no longer confident that you are getting the full benefit of every deduction and credit to which you are entitled or you do not wish costly fines and penalties by attempting it yourself. We can help.

We are approachable and experienced in multiple areas of taxation. We take the stress out of taxes. We can assist with the following:

Services and Areas of Practice

Tax Return Preparation

Personal Tax Returns

Corporate Tax Returns

Trust Tax Returns

US Tax Returns

Non Resident

Late Filings

Prior Year Adjustments

Demand to File


Deceased Returns

Bankruptcy Returns

Arrival & Departure Returns

Tax Advice & Planning

Personal Taxation

Corporate Taxation

Trust & Estate Tax

Cross Border (US Tax)

International Tax

Investments & Tax

Real Estate & Tax

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning

Non Resident Tax

Tax Debt Relief

Income Tax Arrears

Tax Audit

Tax Appeals

Tax Enforcement

CRA Letters

CRA Calls

Voluntary Disclosure

Wage Garnishments

Account Seizure & Property Lien

Interest & Penalty relief submissions

Tax Specialist and Tax Expert:

  • Letters and calls from Canada Revenue Agency

  • Non-filing of HST over many years

  • Non-filing of Corporate Tax Returns over many years

  • Non-filing of Personal Tax Returns over many years

  • Non Resident Tax Questions and help

  • Representing client when dealing with CRA

  • Negotiating payment plans and terms with Canada Revenue Agency

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Corporate Tax Returns

  • Correction and adjustments of prior year personal and corporate tax returns

  • International taxation

  • Internet Revenue eBay, Air Bnb, Amazon and Uber

  • Unreported Offshore Income, Assets or Pension

  • Voluntary Disclosure Program and Tax Payer Relief

  • Unpaid tax debt and tax problems. Taxes owing and CRA calls & letters. Unpaid taxes and tax help.

  • Unreported Internet, eBay, Air Bnb, Amazon, Uber, Paypal and Square Income.

  • Unreported Foreign Income.

How do our services work?

  1. Please call 416-628-7824 Ext. 2 to speak with a tax accountant first. Our advisors are not always standing by live, so please leave a message and the appropriate tax expert or tax specialist will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. It is best to speak to a tax advisor first by telephone to assess what your needs are and if we are the right fit for your needs and you.

  2. If, you feel comfortable and determine we are the right fit, please book an appointment with the tax accountant you are speaking to or call back with a suitable date or time. You may also use or fax at 1-866-528-1387.

  3. Please let the tax accountant or client care representative know the date, time and location you would like to meet.

  4. A confirmation email will be sent with the meeting details and what you may need to bring.

  5. For new clients, a client information package will be sent along with the confirmation email. Please fill out and bring to first meeting.

  6. Please let us know while booking the meeting or prior to arriving should you have any special needs.

  7. Located Bay Street Downtown Toronto.